From the moment they begin the week-long orientation process, our students’ journey through CUNY Prep is designed to prepare them to be successful college students.  But some of the most critical and concentrated preparation begins once they enter the College Transition Academy.   Students are eligible for the CTA once they successfully complete at least one academic cycle and pass the High School Equivalency Exam.

In this semester-long phase of our program, students take four classes:  Introduction to Criminal Justice, a College Now criminal justice course that can earn them three college credits, and Psychology and Writing and College Math — both designed to help them test out of remediation once they enter college, and College Success, which focuses on some of the softer skills needed for success in college, like navigating campus life, note-taking and time management.  Students will also take part in college tours and be connected with a peer mentor – a CUNY Prep alum who is currently in college.  At the beginning of their CTA semester, staff will help students apply for college  — and later on, for financial aid.