English Language Arts

The CUNY Prep English Language Arts focus on developing writing skills. Students work to improve grammar and composition. Various texts and literary genres are utilized in classes. Reading skills and strategies are also developed.

Social Studies

Students develop social studies knowledge and skills through the study of historical eras and the use of tools including primary and secondary sources, and case studies. The Social Studies curriculum covers content in World History, U.S. History, Government and Civics, Economics, and Geography.


CUNY Prep Math courses focus on pre-algebra, algebra and geometry, including geometric constructions and coordinate graphing. Students learn real-world applications and problem-solving strategies.


Science courses cover living environment, biology, chemistry, physics and forensics. Students apply scientific concepts, principles and theories by utilizing the scientific method while exploring topics such as cell dynamics, the human body and ecology.

Career Tracks

Taking inspiration from Mayor De Blasio’s “Career Pathways” One City Working Together” plan, CUNY Prep has created career track workshop courses. The courses are designed to expose students to industries they may have interest in. They can develop basic skills and knowledge in these areas and gain more insight into careers in the industries. The current offerings are in Technology, Culinary Arts, Music Production, Health, and Yoga and Mindfulness.

College Now

After successfully earning their High School Equivalency at CUNY Prep, students may be eligible to take College Now courses, which offer the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. The current offering is a 3-credit Criminal Justice course.

CTA College Skill Building

CTA College Skill Building prepares students to take college entrance exams in writing and math. Students who do well on these exams avoid noncredit-bearing remedial classes.